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We preserve all ESI of importance and cull dramatically from key documents those files, such as emails and text messages, that are responsive to search terms geared to the issues of the case. Our probabilistic approach to relevance reduces the document review set to manageable and affordable proportions.

We have hardware and software tools specific to unique data environments and data types: smartphones (including saved and deleted text messages, emails, voicemail and photos); work and private email accounts; social media sites; desktop and laptop hard drives; portable USB storage devices; Cloud storage, and network-shared files.

Our data processing services are based on flat fees: there's no guess-work, no hidden costs. With each data source processed you also get up to 2 hours of free expert consutling time.

Larry is also available to serve as Special Master, mediator or neutral expert in any matter where disputes over eDiscovery can best be resolved by an expert.

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