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EDE is owned and operated by lawyer and technologist Larry Johnson. Since the mid-1990s, when he decided to shift from trying lawsuits to a career focused on the use of computers in litigation and computer forensics, he has been a strong advocate for cost-effective e-discovery based on data sampling, staged incremental culling of relevant evidence, and probabilistic modeling..

Larry has been a member of the Washington State bar since 1974. He recently served on the E-Discovery Subcommittee of the Washington State Bar's Escalating Cost of Civil Litigation (ECCL) Task Force. Besides being a litigator, for the past 20 years he has specialized in e-discovery matters, bridging the gap between lawyers and IT professionals who don't always understand each other or know how they can work together effectively in the litigation process.

Larry was recently hailed in a Law.com article as "one of the top 200 e-discovery lawyers in the world."
He is a prolific writer and frequent speaker at
CLEs throughout the country on the subject of computer forensics and
e-discovery issues, both legal and technical.
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